Burke, Vermont Town Charter Granted February 26, 1782

Ballots for Town Meeting are now Available.

announced February 10, 2021

 Australian Ballots are now available for the Town of Burke and the Kingdom East School District. If you would like us to send you ballots in the mail please call the office at 467-3717 and we will be happy to send them out. COVID-19 protocols will need to be followed on Town Meeting Day, March 2nd. The polls will open at 8 AM and close at 7 PM. People coming to the polls will need to social distance, use hand sanitizer and wear a mask. Only 2 unrelated people will be allowed at the voting booths at a time. We hope that people will request their ballot in advance and review and mark it before coming to vote. That way they can come to the polls, check in, put their ballot in the tabulator and then check out.

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