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Development Review Board Report

December 31, 2017


The Development Review Board (DRB) meets the second Wednesday of each month at 6:00 P.M. at the Burke Town Clerk’s Office, 212 School Street.


There were a total of 40 building permits issued in 2017. The Zoning Administrator approved 25 of the permits.

The DRB approved 15 permits for a variety of projects.  One of the permits approved was for a new T- Bar lift at Burke Mountain to replace the 60 year old Poma Lift that was there for many years.  

In March there was a subdivision for a property located on Old Farm Road.

In April a permit to build a house in the Scenic Conservation Overlay section was submitted. Another permit was for an entrance to an existing body shop.

In May a permit for the removal of the Dam in East Burke Vermont was approved.

In June there were 5 permits submitted for approval. One was to replace the Skeet Club House and add a shed.  The Burke Town School had two permits. One was for new dugouts at the softball field. The other was for an overhang at the main entrance. There were also permits to build another storage unit on RT 114 and an apartment in an existing house. The Burke Fire District submitted a permit for a pipe bridge.

In July there were was a permits for additional structures located at a Condo Unit on Mountain Road and a new preschool at the Congregational Church in East Burke was approved.

 In August there was a permit submitted for an apartment in an existing barn.  There was also an amendment to a previous permit for additional items to be added.

 After a violation letter was sent out in October the Zoning Administrator reviewed a permit for a change of use for a sign and seasonal rental of a home.

 In December there was a permit to convert a barn into an apartment.

 The board welcomes and encourages citizens to come to any meetings with questions or suggestions.

There are 6 members on the Board: Mike Harris, Rodney Machell, Frank Cuccia, Herman Hoyt, Charlotte Porcelli and Ed Guest.


On behalf of the Development Review Board (DRB)



Linda Hackett-Corey

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