Burke, Vermont Town Charter Granted February 26, 1782

Frequently Asked Questions


Q. When are taxes due?

A. Tax payments are due on the first Friday of November each year. 

Q. When will I get my tax bill?
A. Normally we try to get them out by the first part of August of each year. If you do not get it by the end of August, you should call the office.

Q. Are postmarks accepted?
A. Postmarks are not accepted. Tax payments must  be paid by 4:00 PM,  on the due date.

Q. How are Delinquent Taxes determined?
A. Any taxes left unpaid after tax due date become delinquent, 8% penalty & 1% interest are levied in the first month of delinquency. There is a 1% interest calculation for the first 3 months and 1.5% interest for each month thereafter.

Q. Who do I contact if my taxes are delinquent?
A. The Town Treasurer serves as the Delinquent Tax Collector in Burke.


Q. Who do I call for road repairs?
A. Town Garage 802-467-3830 or Town Clerks Office 802-467-3717

Q. Does the town maintain private roads? .
A. No, the town is responsible for maintaining town highways. Private roads are owned by the landowner on that road, and they are responsible for keeping it maintained


Q. Does Burke have a leash law?
A. Yes, Burke has a Animal Ordinance that requires dogs to be leashed and under control of the owner/ handler when off the owner’s property.

Q. Does my Dog have to be registered?
A. Yes State Law requires all dogs more than six months old to be registered. To register your dog, visit or call the town clerk, present proof of a current rabies vaccination and pay the registration fee. Registration of dogs is required by April 1st of each year (dogs registered after April 1st will be assessed a late fee)

Call the Town Clerk with questions about dog registration.


Q. Are you a notary?
A. Yes, we are notaries. The town has several personnel providing this service.(Town Clerk, Treasurer and Asst. Town Clerk )


Q. How can I register to vote?
A. It’s easy to register. All you will need is a valid driver’s license or personal ID issued by the State . You may register on-line thru the Secretary of State's "My Voter Page" mvp.vermont.gov/ or you may register in person at the Town Clerk's Office. The State of Vermont passed a law to allow "same day registration" that went into affect in 2017. This means that you could even register to vote at the polls on the same day as the election.

Q. I can’t make it to the polls. How do I vote?
A. If you are unable to make it to the polling location during voting hours, you can always sign up to receive an absentee ballot. at the Town Clerks Office, 212 School Street, West Burke, VT or call the Town Clerks Office at 802-467-3717. Finally, you are always able to vote in person at the town office during regular business hours.

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