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Burke Selectboard

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 Selectboard Report for 2017:

It’s been another very busy year in the Town of Burke. Here are some of the highlights and accomplishments:

We heard the requests for better communication and invited the Community Visit Process with the Vermont Council on Rural Development to town. Our visit was named OneBurke and it has been exciting to see townspeople working on issues identified as most important to the Town. They received a small amount of grant money for a OneBurke website, which we hope to merge with the Town website that is outdated and difficult to maintain.

This has been the first year with a contract assessor instead of Town Listers and things are going well with Bill Krajeski of the New England Municipal Consultants.

The Recycling Center has been busy this year. There has been increased volume with curbside pick-up recycling which presents new challenges with the current set-up. We are looking at potential solutions to increase safety. Some folks are not sorting: this is a requirement as we do not have zero sort in Burke. Please be courteous and sort the recycling materials that you put at the curb. It costs us time, money and the safety of our employees working on the roadside. Thanks in advance.

Gib Aldrich was hired to replace Bob Heath as rubbish and recycle truck driver.

The Northwoods Stewardship Center crew came in to stabilize and plant vegetation at the now-closed end of Bumps Road.

·       Students from Burke Town School held a community service day and planted flowers, painted fences and much more around town. Much appreciated community projects.

·      The Road Crew rented roadside mowers this year which allowed them to concentrate on problem areas and cut back brush and overgrowth to increase sight distance and safety.

·       The crew replaced the posts for the Darling Park sign in East Burke and Lauren Welch graciously refurbished the sign. With the flowers that BTS kids planted it all looks great. Much appreciated.

·       The Rubbish Truck was refurbished and a new plow truck was purchased this year. We also invested in a debris blower to clean leaves from ditches (to help prevent plugged culverts) and from roadside shoulders (to help with Fall roadside grading).

·       Several culverts were replaced across Town and new pavement was laid on Burke Hollow Rd, at the intersection @ the bottom of E. Darling Hill Rd and up E. Darling a ways, plus a short section of Bugbee Crossing Rd.

·       We were not awarded the grants for the East Darling Hill road improvements and bike lane, however we were encouraged to apply again.

·       By the time this is published the East Burke sidewalk project should be out to bid with construction taking place this summer.

·       Brent Shafer was appointed as Zoning Administrator. Thank you to Travis Corey for serving as interim ZA.

The selectboard would like to take this opportunity to thank our employees for their hard work and dedication. We have some great folks working for the town road crew, rubbish and recycling crew, cemetery sextons and at the Town Office. They all work hard and do a great job for the Town.

We would also like invite all of you to the different board meetings. These meetings are where the decisions are made about all aspects of Town management and we invite you all to be a part of the process.

Respectfully Submitted  

Town of Burke Selectboard

Christine Emmons, Chair

Darryel Corrow

Joe Allard



The Burke Select Board would like to remind town residents that despite the best efforts of the town road crew not to do so, sometimes items within the town highway rights-of-way get damaged, either by snow removal or other highway maintenance equipment. The town is not responsible for any damages obtained within this 49-112 foot right-of-way, and the select board is asking that residents beware, before leaving or placing objects such as vehicles, fences, trees, signs, etc., within these boundaries. Objects may be removed at owner's expense.


Source: 2017 Annual Report, Town of Burke, Vermont

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