Burke, Vermont Town Charter Granted February 26, 1782

Burke Town Services

The following is a list of services provided to the taxpayers and residents of the Town of Burke. If there is something that is not listed and you want to know about it please, contact the Town Clerk's Office at 467-3717.

Rubbish Removal - Curbside pickup is each Tuesday and Wednesday mornings beginning at 7:00 a.m. You are required to have an orange " B sticker on your rubbish bags or to use a yellow 30 gallon " B rubbish bag. These are sold in the area stores (East Burke Market, Northeast Kingdom Country Store in East Burke, Mike's Gas , Aldrich's General Store, and The Town Clerk's Office in West Burke). The bags and the stickers are $4.00 each for a 30 gallon container anything larger than that will require 2 stickers.   We will not pick up rubbish in barrels that are larger than thirty gallons or do not have handles.

Recycling Center- The Recycling Center is located at 212 School Street behind the Town Clerk's Office. The hours are Wednesday from 3:00 p.m. to 6:00 p.m., Thursday 3:00 p.m. to 6:00 p.m. and Saturday from 8:00 a.m. until 12 noon.  Burke changed to ZERO-SORT RECYCLING as of October 2021. Please refer to Zero-Sort Posters in the Solid Waste Documents section. The following materials are accepted:  #I, #2, and #3 thru #7 plastics, mixed paper, boxboard, corrugated cardboard, newspaper, magazines, catalogs, telephone books, aluminum cans, tin Cans, tinfoil pie plates, glass of all colors, bubble wrap, packing peanuts and air packs .We also accept computers, TV's and microwave ovens. We do not acept plastic bags or any kind of back plastic containers.  Textiles may be dropped off at the Salvation Army Store on Railroad St in St Johnsbury or at the Little Thrift Shop located in the North Church on Main St in St Johnsbury. The HOPE Store in Lyndonville accepts textiles when they have space. Call them at 626-3228 to make sure they are accepting items. All textiles must be clean and gently used. If you wouldn't wear it, please don't donate it!  Look for a more detailed listing of acceptable recycle material on the Recycling pages of this website.

You may find Burke's A-Z Guide to recycling in the Solid Waste Documents elsewhere on this website or by clicking this link: burkevermont.org/track.php

You will find additional information about recycling in Vermont at this site: www.facebook.com/VTrecycles/

Compost - We accept compost. The Compost bin is located at the north end of the Recycling Building. There is one bin for compost and another bin holds shredded paper. Please put your compost in the correct bin and then cover it with shredded paper. PLEASE DO NOT PUT COMPOST IN THE SHREDDED PAPER BIN.

Curbside Recycling Pick-up  Curbside Recycling Pick-up is done every Thursday. We alternate between East Burke and West Burke. The first pick-up in 2023 will be on Jan.5th in East Burke and Jan.12th in West Burke. Be sure to mark you calendar. A schedule is available in the Town Clerk's Office and is also posted on this website in the  "Documents and Forms" section for Solid Waste. Burke changed to ZERO-SORT RECYCLING as of October 2021. Please refer to Zero-Sort Posters in the Solid Waste Documents section. You may continue to bring your recyclables to the Recycling Building on School Street in West Burke if you so desire.  See listed hours above. The 2021 Curbside Recycling pickup schedule can be found here: burkevermont.org/documents/2023%20Curbside%20Recycling%20Pickup%20Schedule%20in%20jpeg.jpg

Fund Raisers - Box tops are collected for education. Returnable bottles and cans are collected and given to various Burke non-profit  groups as fund raisers.

Composters - Available for sale for $55 each.

Bulky Waste Day - Held every third Saturday of each month, from May to October, to give everyone the opportunity to get rid of big items such as beds, furniture, TVs, yard stuff, metal and used oil. You must get an authorization slip from the Town Clerk's office. There is a $35.00 fee for this service to help defray costs. You are allowed to bring up to one pickup load of bulky items. In addition to used oil, the town also accepts car batteries, rechargeable batteries, batteries from battery-operated tools, and florescent light bulbs. There is a $25 charge for refrigerators and freezers. Because it costs the Town to dispose of tires, there is a handling fee. Tires 16" - $8.00, 19.5" - $10.00 and tractor/trailer tires are $20.00. In order to give everyone a chance to attend, the Selectmen have decided to limit the number of certificates to two per year per household.  Call the Burke Town Clerk's Office if you wish to receive a certificate. See Also: Rubbish Removal Services.

Haz-Mat Day - Household Hazardous Waste is accepted four times per year. On July 15, 2023  and Oct. 21, 2023 we will hold a Haz-Mat Day in Burke at the Town Garage, off School Street. We will partner with the Town of St Johnsbury and hold a Haz-Mat Day at the Main Street Parking lot in St Johnsbury.on May 20, 2023 and August 12, 2023..

DMV Motor Vehicle Renewals - The Town Clerk's Office renews vehicle registrations for a processing fee of $3.00. You must have your current renewal form generated from the State of VT. Or we can do the renewal on line with a credit card and drivers license number or plate number.

Fish and Wildlife Licenses - You may buy your fishing and hunting licenses during regular office hours.

Notary Public - There are three Notary Publics in the Town Office who can notarize your documents. This service is free to the public. 

Community Forest Fund Raising

 Click the Link below to donate to the Burke Community Forest:


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